Sunday, May 8, 2011

spring awakening

I have to say as of late i've been rather busy. Life is rolling along on this roller coaster and i've just finished climbing the hill, i'm slowly rolling over the apex that will send me screaming down towards the earth. Not in a bad way though, in a head rush adrenaline pumping kind of way. A new job, a new location, and spring all at once. And that's just the big stuff! I've also got a new bike and some new outlooks on life. Next on my list is a new place to live. I'm lucky to have wonderful friends who tolerate my guest room crashing ways. But i'm ready to have all of my stuff in one place and when that happens I've decided on couple of things I'll need.

First of all i will need this old pallet cart coffee table from a flea market in Brunswick

and also an old industrial rolling cart from the antique shop across the way from the flea market


I envision my little beach cottage with a nice little lilac bush out my window

and then of course a little fella to keep me company

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