Thursday, July 14, 2011

              There is this thing called the moon and it really affects me when it's full. It starts with a disruption of sleeping patterns that results in my eyes popping open every morning at 4,6, and finally 8 am. This is fairly accurate almost to the second. I can't explain why it happens but it does. Then I start to feel increasingly nutty from about three days before the moon is full until finally my nuttiness reaches an apex and I am more of less certifiably insane. I think the moon affects most people, maybe not in this way or as extreme, but an affect non the less. The weather has been beautiful but very hot. The heat is very wet and heavy and it's easiest to be in some sort of body of water if at all possible. This is why I'm so very glad that I'm moving in about two weeks to my very own wonderful little apartment which comes complete with private beach rights and a view of the ocean. Yay me.

Shorts: BDG from Urban Outfitters
Shirt: Alternative Apparel from a boutique on Maui
Straw Tote: J. Crew outlet