Wednesday, March 17, 2010

All Caught Up!

So here we are finally in the present again! These pictures are actually from today, March 17, 2010. St. Patricks day is being celebrated today and I just am not in the mood. I guess I haven't really been digging on the holidays at all lately. There is no green in my outfit today, sorry to those of you who think this is blasphemous but I just don't see the point. It was so nice out today that when I got out of work at 11 am I had to go and put a skirt on instead of the jeans I was wearing. I'm one of those people that pulls out the sandals, skirts, and dresses the second the snow is off the ground, and that time has come. For the most part the snow is all gone except for in the woods around my house where I do some of my photo shoots. I think this skirt is the most amazing peice I have in my wardrobe to date. It's a jersey skirt that can be worn three different ways and I'm sure more if i get creative. It's from the J. Crew outlet, big suprise there, my closet is quickly becoming a J. Crew catalog and I think I'm ok with it for now. For this outfit I'm wearing the skirt really low on my hips so it becomes a super flowy bohemian look. Add a shirt with a bit of ruffle and a soft neutral scarf and you are ready for spring! These photos reiterate the fact that I desperaretly need a better camera than the one I'm currently using. The photos are decent at best and that is just not acceptable. Until next time, which will hopefully not be prolonged by another rediculous series of books on forbidden teenage love, enjoy the fashion!
Glasses- Tj maxx (fossil) $12
Scarf- Tj maxx (cynthia rowley) $15
Shirt- J. Crew outlet $30
Skirt- J. Crew outlet $30

2 of 3 back dated posts

This skirt is one of those items I bought and then let sit in my closet with the tags still on it for a couple of months. I tried it on so many times in hopes to wear it but just could not seem to pull an outfit together around it. I am still a bit iffy on this one but I think I like it. It was four dollars at the Banana Republic outlet which is most certainly the number one reason I bought it, but it is in fact a really cute skirt as well. Times like these I wish I had a big girl job so I could actually have a "real" reason to be wearing an outfit such as this. Instead I put this outfit together for my day off which I usually spend at my coffee shop doing the local newspaper's crossword puzzle and writing writing writing! In either one of my various children's books or my longer novel-type book. I'm trying to keep these blogs short because I'm posting three in a row so hopefully you like short but sweet. Enjoy the fashion people!
Scarf- Anthropologie $20 ish
Jacket- H&M $15
Skirt- Banana Republic outlet $4
Wedges- Gap outlet $8
Wool Tights- Tj Maxx $4
Sweater- H&M $30
Belt- H&M $15

Along came a Nerd!

I'm back and want to appologize for the hiatus!I have to be honest, the real reason I haven't posted in so long is due to an ultra nerdy new obsession. The Twilight series. I think that is enough said about that. I have been good though by keeping up with the photo shoots so I'll have to post a couple of back dated blogs. This first one is from a little while ago, the pictures were taken approximately a couple days after the last blog post. I had my friend Sarah take these pictures which was a lot more fun than the usual self-timer pictures I have been taking thus far. I love this outfit because it's such a great trasition outfit from winter to spring. The colors are bright enough for spring and the functionality of the boots and tights still keep you warm. On a side note I've started to realize that its hard for me to trust mirrors now because of how much easier it is to critique an outfit from a photo. Guess I'll be taking more pictures of myself from now on to document different looks. Aside from that I'm trying to cut down on my shopping due to the fact that my closet and bureau are both overflowing onto my floor. This is neither attractive nor functional. We will see how this goes and I will keep you informed. (wish me luck)

Scarf- J. crew outlet $30
Skirt- J. Crew outlet $30
Sweater- H&M $35
Tights- TJ Maxx $5
Boots- TJ Maxx (Chinese Laundry) $20
Jacket- Old Navy outlet $13
Tee- TJ Maxx (threads for thought) $ 7
Sun glasses - TJ Maxx (fossil) $12