Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Along came a Nerd!

I'm back and want to appologize for the hiatus!I have to be honest, the real reason I haven't posted in so long is due to an ultra nerdy new obsession. The Twilight series. I think that is enough said about that. I have been good though by keeping up with the photo shoots so I'll have to post a couple of back dated blogs. This first one is from a little while ago, the pictures were taken approximately a couple days after the last blog post. I had my friend Sarah take these pictures which was a lot more fun than the usual self-timer pictures I have been taking thus far. I love this outfit because it's such a great trasition outfit from winter to spring. The colors are bright enough for spring and the functionality of the boots and tights still keep you warm. On a side note I've started to realize that its hard for me to trust mirrors now because of how much easier it is to critique an outfit from a photo. Guess I'll be taking more pictures of myself from now on to document different looks. Aside from that I'm trying to cut down on my shopping due to the fact that my closet and bureau are both overflowing onto my floor. This is neither attractive nor functional. We will see how this goes and I will keep you informed. (wish me luck)

Scarf- J. crew outlet $30
Skirt- J. Crew outlet $30
Sweater- H&M $35
Tights- TJ Maxx $5
Boots- TJ Maxx (Chinese Laundry) $20
Jacket- Old Navy outlet $13
Tee- TJ Maxx (threads for thought) $ 7
Sun glasses - TJ Maxx (fossil) $12

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