Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2 of 3 back dated posts

This skirt is one of those items I bought and then let sit in my closet with the tags still on it for a couple of months. I tried it on so many times in hopes to wear it but just could not seem to pull an outfit together around it. I am still a bit iffy on this one but I think I like it. It was four dollars at the Banana Republic outlet which is most certainly the number one reason I bought it, but it is in fact a really cute skirt as well. Times like these I wish I had a big girl job so I could actually have a "real" reason to be wearing an outfit such as this. Instead I put this outfit together for my day off which I usually spend at my coffee shop doing the local newspaper's crossword puzzle and writing writing writing! In either one of my various children's books or my longer novel-type book. I'm trying to keep these blogs short because I'm posting three in a row so hopefully you like short but sweet. Enjoy the fashion people!
Scarf- Anthropologie $20 ish
Jacket- H&M $15
Skirt- Banana Republic outlet $4
Wedges- Gap outlet $8
Wool Tights- Tj Maxx $4
Sweater- H&M $30
Belt- H&M $15

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