Monday, April 11, 2011

The grass is looking greener.....

not just on the other side, but everywhere today. The rain came in the night last night accompanied by loud claps of thunder and supposedly lightening. I heard the thunder in my slumber but wasn't aware enough to see the lightening. Anyway, the rain washed away the salt and sand from the melted snow to reveal a little more green on the ground today, still no visible buds up in the trees but I bet they are soon to follow! Spring is a wondrous time of year, and even though I had a very limited time in which i had to deal with the New England winter I am happy to see signs of spring.

 I spent the past couple of days in Portland Maine looking for a place to live and finalizing some job type things. Friday night I ventured to a show with my good friend Sarah to see a band I absolutely adore (Brown Bird) and I stumbled upon another musical genius (Al Scorch) who I would kindly describe as the Jolly Green Giant of banjo players and also a comic in his own right. At one point in between songs his banter had me in tears I was laughing so hard.

On another note, I have to say I've been without a huge portion of my closet for about 5 months now and its really driving me nutty. You see, I sent a huge box out to Maui when I moved there, and since I moved back only 3 months later I had the box basically returned to sender but the sender (me) has yet to see the box yet! Frustrating to say the least! So with my new job on the horizon I've been window shopping online and this is what I've come up with!

Super flowey feminine dresses and tops in airy fabrics. High waisted bottoms and lots and lots of wedges. These looks are from Anthropologie, Madewell, and the shoes are Born. I need a shopping spree, bring on the hours of working!

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