Tuesday, April 5, 2011

yester year

First let me say that I'm awful at this blog thing. It confounds me why, I love writing and I love fashion but I think that maybe writing about fashion just isn't enough for me. I have found lately that I'm obsessed with a simpler life, or the concept of one atleast.

Technology overwhelms me and at the same time I would find it hard to go a day without a computer and a cell phone. I would be ok without a television, I could even possibly go without electricity for some time.  I love nature and I think that if it were easier to pack up my bed I would, in fact, love camping. I love everything about camping except sleeping on hard surfaces. Call me what you will, princess and so on and so forth. But I adore everything else about the "roughing" it lifestyle. The camp fire, the fresh air, the starry sky, and most of all the fact that, while camping, conversation comes easier due to lack of distraction. I often times find myself multi-tasking to a fault. Not able to even sit down and watch an entire movie without checking my cell phone, or opening up a new tab on my computer to search something or other.

I've been obsessed with the past lately. I think I would've really loved sitting around and listening to the radio, records, I love old movies, I love old music, I love old fashion, I love old cars, and old furniture. The list goes on. I would've enjoyed being made to play an instrument and learn about literature. And reading Keats, and Lord Byron and Wordsworth.

So I shall, just years later. I'm making it a point to try to live a little bit simpler every day. And enjoy the treasures of yester year that are on a daily basis shadowed by modern technology.

aromatic trees

my favorite childhood spot

my driveway

I took a walk down the street I grew up on the other day, took a couple of pictures that are telling of what I think bliss is.

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