Monday, September 27, 2010

Eco chic(k)

A Rainy gloomy fall day, a bit of chill in the air, and I've spent most of the day writing. All of these things make for a happy disposition. The weather however is making it difficult to get a good picture with the camera on my phone and unfortunately I lack the funds to buy a better camera at the moment. So I thought I would talk about a little online boutique I've found that I absolutely love. A lot, or pretty much all, of the items are out of my price range but this is for a good reason. The boutique is mostly organic and green practice clothing, fair trade and all that jazz. . One of my goals in life is to own a mostly organic/eco friendly/vintage closet. The webite also has some really interesting info on organic cotton in their "info" section. Here is a glimpse of what you could learn from visiting the site "It takes roughly one-third of a pound of chemicals (pesticides and fertilizers) to grow enough cotton for just one T-shirt. (SCP)"
This dress is out of control expensive, on sale for $390 the Bamboo Voil it's made out of must be really hard to work with or really rare. Either way if I had the money I'd buy this dress from Mr. Larkin, based out of  San Fransico, for sure. I love the hem and the girly shape of the garment.

this sweatshirt "cloak" is from Prairie Underground and its 100% organic cotton. It's amazing! I love that its a sweatshirt that could totally pass for a jacket to wear over a dress etc.

I love the unique shape of this vest/poncho. They call it a "batwing vest" which is fitting I guess. It's made from Baby alpaca and wool blend from Julie Park for Park Vogel line which is based out of Australia.

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