Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunshine and Wind!

Sundays are my only real day off. I currently hold down three different jobs and for six out of seven days of the week I work at atleast one of them. Sundays are my day to write so I usually end up at the coffee shop I work at on my laptop for most of the day. The sun was shining so brightly in my room this morning that I woke up practically sweating. This lead me to believe it was very warm outside but like most sunny days during a New England winter I was lead astray by the heat of the sun through the window. I stepped outside in my tights, skirt, thin sweater, and boots and instantly had tears streaming down my face. Hopefully the photos don't reveal my runny nose and watering eyes. For the most part this is a typical outfit for me, especially this winter. I've been very into high-waisted fitted skirts, tights, and boots. These pictures are taken around my house, one of the places in town where there is still snow on the ground. Although it is quickly melting with the same heat of the sun that woke me in my bed this morning. Tell me what you think so far! I would love to hear some feedback.
Cardigan- h&m $35
Tank -Forever 21 $15
Skirt- Forever 21 $15
Belt - Free store $free
Tights- Tj maxx $5
Boots - Bass outlet $30

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